Wednesday, September 06, 2006

These are strange times we are living in. A blog can discuss politics, or spirituality, or just how one is feeling on a given day. Perhaps here I can touch on these and many other issues over time. I am 59 years old, facing some of the health issues that sometimes occur with the experiences of a lifetime. The times are uncertain and the planet is transitioning to something we do not yet know, and the uncertainty can be felt in a thousand different ways.

Now it is not as if similar transitions have never taken place before. Any student of history can point to countless examples where major changes were forced upon a population and there is upheaval and disruption before things settle to a new way of doing things. Against such a backdrop, I offer my musings on the issues of our time, and how one woman in Minneapolis deals with the change spinning around. Here are my thoughts, my fears, my politics, my spirituality, my activist leanings, my voice, one of millions. I share from my experience, strength, and hope for any who care to read about it.


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